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July 12, 2017 New and Now, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on BEATING THE HEAT AT CONTENTS INTERIORS…

There are still a few things I do not understand about human beings, but I am trying- so please bear with me! For instance, when I am feeling the summer heat I just stay inside the showroom and take a little nap on a cool comfy recliner. It seems natural to me to stay out of the elements, especially during the scorching midday hours! However, I do notice human beings are busier than ever in the summer time. Fortunately, members of our design team, here in the beautifully air conditioned show room at Contents Interiors, are happy to do what they can to help customers with their homes’ super-heated trouble spots. Indeed, keeping homes cool, and preventing furnishings from degrading from excessive sun, through the installation of window treatments, are among the many challenges that our design team can help you with.

Heat control is a common reason customers come in looking for window treatments at this time of the year, especially for windows that are south facing. Contents Interiors works in creative partnership with BDD Inc., a family run wholesale business in Tucson that has served the community’s window treatment needs for 60 years. BDD Inc. has great knowledge of, and relationships with, a great number of esteemed companies that supply window treatments-from blinds to drapery. This partnership enables us to obtain the broadest range of window treatments at the best prices for our customers.

Cellular Shades, also known as Honeycomb Shades, are popular in the Desert Southwest because of their ability to provide added insulation. The design of the shade creates an added barrier that prevents heat and light penetrating into your room from the outside. A Screen Roller Shade provides a very good solution for those who wish to keep their view intact while simultaneously cutting heat and glare. These vinyl coated fiberglass mesh screens have varying degrees of opacity and come in many designs and colors, to suit your home’s specific needs.

MOTORIZED SHADES with rechargeable batteries are absolutely fabulous, in that you never have to change batteries and they can also be operated via a smart phone or a timer, giving you the ability to make your home look ‘lived in’ when you are away. If you have windows in tricky-to-reach places, like in a bathroom with a large garden tub or high up on a large living room wall, you can, with a press of a button, make the shades go up or down. The investment is worth it, when you consider that cords are a tragic cause of injury to pets and children and awkward placement of windows can tempt people to tread where they should not. For this reason, I am so happy that motorized “smart” shades have become incredibly popular recently. Carol Bell, our wonderful President, co-owner and buyer at Contents Interiors, has them in her own home and says she has not had to re-charge the batteries yet! Talk about convenience!

My “mom”, designer and co-owner Tamara Scott-Anderson, has been working with window treatments since the very beginning of her career in design. She tells customers that blinds or shades can look a little stark on their own and adding panels of drapery and a valance can soften the look of your room, as well as help with light leakage (for those who need blackout to sleep) and acoustical problems. She is delighted to show our clients new drapery designs that are free of pinch pleats and offer a sleek elegant look and a more contemporary feel. Ambiance Sheers, by Kirsch, create a lovely effect of elegant drapes in a room like a bedroom where privacy might be a factor. These are soft vertical blinds that marry the function and versatility of vertical blinds with traversing sheer drapery.

In sunny and hot Italy, outside shutters are used to block out the elements and you can see an interpretation of this look in our Desert Italia Apartment. Truly gorgeous! You can also see an example of Vision Designer Shades, affordable and elegant roller shades in the showroom. There are so many options and possibilities in your efforts to keep your home cool and the Contents Interiors team wants to be of service.

I may not understand why human beings do not stop to rest more during these hot summer months, but I am so happy to hang out in a place where the goal is to help busy folks live more comfortably. Come and see us and talk to the team about making your home more comfortable with motorized blinds and/or window treatments, but please don’t be upset if I don’t get up to greet you. I’ll likely be taking my extended siesta!

Stay cool,


Shedding Light On Mood, Atmosphere, and Exquisite Beauty!

June 22, 2017 Design Tips, New and Now, What's going on?, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on Shedding Light On Mood, Atmosphere, and Exquisite Beauty!

I feel like the luckiest dog in the world. Every day is a new day of creative exploration of all things beautiful here at Contents Interiors! Today I have been watching my dearest friend, designer Sara Smith, as she passionately shares with customers her knowledge of Pendant Lighting. It seems these gorgeous “hanging” lights are making a big come back and are being used in many more ways than they were in the past. For instance, no kitchen island would have been without them a few years ago. True today as well, as pendant lighting brightens up areas of our homes, identifying spaces as natural gathering places. The little bistro table in a kitchen could use a pretty pendant light to set the tone of conviviality, as could a collection of pendant lights in a bar area. Use of pendant lighting, rich in color and textures, can add feelings of warm hospitality, can lift moods, and can simply create pleasant atmosphere for your family and your guests to enjoy.

Beyond the usual gathering hubs like kitchens, bars and dining tables, Sara shows our customers a clever use of pendant lighting in the bedroom of our showroom’s Desert Italia Apartment. Gone are the bulky lights that use up all the space on a bedside table, and “in” are sleek hanging pendants that offer practical illumination, while at the same time offer opportunity to bring clean contemporary design into your room of rest. Bathrooms are also seeing a movement from wall-hung lights to more glamorous Pendant Lighting. The effect can be quite beautiful and the choices in pendant light designs are endless too, so you can match your own style and taste.

The popular resurgence in Pendant Lighting started in Europe as new, super energy efficient, and much cooler, LED lights became more prevalent. These bulbs are now available all over the world in softer lights and some, called Smart LED Bulbs, can be controlled via WIFI, smart phone or Alexa type systems. The cooler nature of these bulbs has allowed Pendant Lighting of all kinds of designs to take off into the stratosphere. You can also ask for incandescent bulbs in many of the pendant lighting designs. We love having so many clever options to beautify and make your homes more comfortable at Contents Interiors!

And here’s the fun bit…Pendant Lighting as objects of art! This can be a simple add to your décor, but the sky is also the limit on all the creative possibilities. What a fantastic way to add color and perk up a nook, a dark but otherwise interesting corner, or even a staircase area. If you are looking for a special collection of pendant lights for over a dining table, or even over a sofa area that needs a little extra light, Contents Interiors has access to many name brand suppliers of Pendant Lighting. Our designers also have access to some amazing artisans who can create exquisite one-of-a-kind pendants, so that you can shine original and perfect light on your exquisitely beautiful family and friends!

Have a lovely June. Hope to see you soon!



Find Your Bliss at Contents Interiors!

May 17, 2017 New and Now, What's going on?, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on Find Your Bliss at Contents Interiors!

Being a keen observer, I notice that things have really changed in regard to people’s experiences with and perceptions of reclining furniture. Gone are the days when grandpa has a big ugly recliner in the family room that no one dares sit in, and gone are the days when husbands have the only big overstuffed chair in the house, leaving their spouse with a secondary, less-comfy, chair- like the iconic TV characters Archie and Edith Bunker! I guess you can say that people now know better! Comfort is a right of every family member, including pets, dare I say! I hear Contents Interiors’ designer Lourdes Rozean sharing with our customers that recliners, still popular in family and media rooms, are now “in demand” for living rooms as well as dens. Many feel that the time they spend at home in these rooms justifies the investment in the ergonomic relief that recliners offer. I so agree with Lourdes and love watching customers bliss out as they try out our recliners!

Contents Interiors’ designer Julie Riggs states, “Design is about making a home in which people can be comfortable.” She tells our customers that the super relaxing American Leather Comfort Recliner Collection represents ‘top of the line’ design, function and comfort. The recliners come in 8 styles, with back and base options, as well as power and size options. The back and footrest operate independently from one another, allowing for your perfect reclining experience, and giving the product its appropriate name, the Infinity System. In terms of customization, American Leather is a clear winner.

Whether your home décor is Contemporary, Traditional or even Transitional, American Leather’s Comfort Recliners will enchant you. The collection contains recliners that are sleek and ultra modern, with swivel bases, tight backs and straight lines, and also more traditional styles with rounded arms, pillow back, and wooden legs. With a great number of leathers and fabrics to choose from, some made of pet-friendly materials, like Ultrasuede and Krypton, there are endless possibilities in this collection. All recliners have articulating headrests for watching TV, or reading, and the power recliners have USB ports for charging up your technology. How cool is that? With a $300 off Sale coming up, from June 2-27, this may be a good time to come in and start investigating this line of fabulous recliners.

If you come in on May 18-June 6, you will find another recliner company with a special offering too. Palliser reclining furniture is super light and easy to maneuver in the first place, but this offering allows you a power upgrade, at no extra charge, so you can glide into comfort at the touch of a button. Palliser has a sofa with two recliners built into it, which I love! More room in the middle space for the pooch! Having said that, all the chair recliners come in two widths so be sure to explore the wider width so that your favorite pet can join you in comfort. You can’t blame me for being on their side, can you?

Palliser recliners are made with ergonomics in mind, and have layers of luxurious sculpted foam that provides amazing engineered comfort. The company gives a 10-year warranty on their recliners frame and, again, there are lots of options to choose from in this line, so you can glide, rock and swivel all you like!

Our designers’ goal is to help you discover the recliner that suits you and yours best. The only way to accomplish this, says Lourdes, is to invite you to come in and try the recliners out. She adds, “Everyone has a different shape and size and there are just so many options to explore.” Can’t wait to see you!