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Welcome To Your Dream World

Welcome To Your Dream World

By Contents Interiors


We start our new year with the bittersweet but very exciting news that Contents Interiors is closing its doors! After much thought and consideration, we have decided to retire! This will allow both of us to pursue new ventures and spend time with our husbands. Since purchasing Contents Interiors in 2001, our hardworking team has successfully grown our inspirational business. Our team members, who have been with us since the start - Sean, Julie, Sara, and Robert - have our immense gratitude for helping to make Contents Interiors such a well-loved Tucson company. Our newer staff members - Lorna, Bella, Lourdes, Jim and Ernesto - have been an immense blessing to us as well. And our relationships through the Contemporary Design Group have been our lifeblood. We know that it was our membership with CDG that kept us alive during the recession and helped us to mature as women in business. The laughter and good times with our pals at CDG are the some of the best memories that we take away. It is hard to say good-bye to our beloved team members and friends at CDG, and this is what makes our life-change most difficult. But the good news is that retirement is a new start and we are looking forward to our new beginnings. Carol has gone into business with her brother flipping houses and Tamara will be doing freelance design consulting and pursuing her fiber arts career. She also plans to be the number one volunteer for her daughter’s Cirque Roots Company. Freeway will remain with Tamara and her husband, Jerry, and perhaps will find other outlets for his multiple talents! (Circus tricks are his specialty too!)

And now, the good news for our dear customers….

Contents Interiors, after many years in business, is having a huge CLOSING SALE, which will begin on JANUARY 10th and will run to MARCH 6th. As our lease is up on April 30, this seemed like the perfect timing. If you have had your eye on a particular piece, this will be your chance to nab it at an astounding price. We hope to see you all during this exciting time period and want to extend our thanks to you for being our very wonderful and valued customers.

Much love to you all in 2018, and may you all also find your perfect bliss, whether it be through your own retirement or through your own heart felt work, as we have in our work at Contents Interiors!

With All Our Love,

Carol Bell and Tamara Scott-Anderson

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