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Combining Plush Comfort and Gorgeous Design at Contents Interiors!

Some of you who have visited the showroom have probably noticed that I am not always resting on Contents Interiors’ amazingly comfortable sofas and recliners. In fact, about 50% of my snoozes are taken in the little nooks and crannies of the showroom, lying upon some of the most luxurious rug and carpet samples in the world! The subject of rugs is a rather joyful one amongst our Interior Designers, especially my incredibly talented mom, Tamara Scott-Anderson, who designs original rugs for our clients. Her stunning rug design work can be viewed in the Desert Italia section of our showroom and she is presently working to create an elliptical oval rug for a client whose living room needed a very specifically shaped area rug. It is especially beautiful, so please be sure to ask about that particular design. Tamara says that California based company, Creative Accents, is a wonderful company to work with. Tamara sends her design sketches to the company and they provide Contents Interiors with a sample portion of the rug design for the client to examine before going forward with the final production of the area rug. There couldn’t be an easier way to get the perfect rug-one that pulls together your room’s patterns, and overall design and color scheme.

Tamara tells our clients that rug and carpet options available at Contents Interiors are surprising cost effective too. Rather than buying a generic carpet or rug from a carpet store, it can be a better value financially and more meaningful, in terms of design, to create something that fits your specific room and color requirements. Creative Accents gives our clients hundreds of options in color and absolutely limitless options in terms of blends of colors. If there is a particular color you are trying to match for your room’s rug design, please do come in and explore our fun collection of super soft poms, richly colored bunches of high quality wool or nylon. If you need a special size or an original design, Tamara is here to help. Rug samples, like the ones I snooze on, are available too, so you can examine the gorgeous pile of this company’s product. If you are like me, you know there is nothing more comfortable than deep plush pile!

Area rugs have many uses from the very utilitarian purposes of cushioning tender feet from hard floors and resolving acoustical problems in large spaces to loftier purposes such as enhancing a room’s aesthetics. Tamara suggests that if you own a very special rug already, inspiration for the rest of the room’s design can be taken from that rug’s design and colors. Our design team here can help you create a perfect space with an originally designed area rug, but they can also offer you wonderful options in wall to wall carpet. Presently, a client of Contents Interiors is having some wonderful tartan inspired wall to wall carpet installed in their gorgeous cabin in the mountains. Think of the romance of Scottish Highlands plaids, with rich colors reflecting steely blue lochs, earth toned mountains and deep green hills. This collection is absolutely perfect for traditional living rooms, cozy romantic bedrooms, or for rustic mountain hideaways. Additionally, this wall to wall carpet comes in extra-large widths for larger spaces.

Whatever your rug or carpet needs are, pop in and chat with a member of our design team. You know where to find me when you come in and can’t find me on a sofa! I hope to see you soon!



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