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At this time of year I am always excited about two special events! Nothing inspires my inner Cowboy more than the Tucson Rodeo! When the Tucson Rodeo is on, I tend to hang out in our Cowboy inspired showroom vignettes, hoping my mom, Tamara, gets the hint-I need my yearly rodeo fix! The other event that inspires me is the Contents Interiors’ American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sale, which starts on March 3rd.

The Comfort Sleeper is a sofa bed, but it is in a league of its own! Our customers often seek The Comfort Sleeper as the result of their experience of sleeping on a friend’s pokey springy sofa bed and not being able to wait to get home to their own bed, so that they could actually sleep without injury! They tell us that they don’t want the same for their own guests and have done their research- The Comfort Sleeper comes out tops. In creating The Comfort Sleeper, American Leather wanted to turn the concept of the ugly, cumbersome, saggy sofa bed on its head and create the most stylish, easy to maneuver and most comfy sofa bed on the face of this planet. There is good reason why companies like Disney and Marriott use these sleeper sofas in their luxury suites. These sleepers are top of the line and provide the best night of sleep- because of a unique sleeper design that involves no pain invoking bars or springs!

Modern engineering has also enabled American Leather to create a patented mechanism, which enables you to open and close it almost effortlessly. That, in and of itself, is enough to make me leap for joy. Nothing makes me happier than companies that care for the customer’s wellbeing. This sofa bed is a top seller in NYC, where customers are delighted by the fact that its engineering allows the sleeper to easily come apart in sections in order to fit through the narrowest of doorways and hallways. But here in Tucson, where we have lots of room, we may rather like to focus on the fact that this sleeper has the largest sleeping length of any other sleeper- at 80 inches long! The mattress comes in 3 levels of comfort, from the world renowned Tempur-Pedic, to a Gel Mattress that provides coolness as well as even support, to the line’s standard Premier mattress, which provides a firm support wrapped in luxurious softness.

The Comfort Sleeper comes in sizes from King to cot, and can be purchased as a single sofa, chair or even as a stylish sectional sofa. The sectional sofa has multitudes of configurations and the line comes in hundreds of fabrics and leathers, to meet every possible design need. Some customers desire to maximize their space in a den or study, or to create a dual-purpose room, and decide that a Comfort Sleeper is their perfect solution. American Leather has, in addition to sofas and sectionals, accompanying accent pieces like chairs or recliners from the same collection to offer those wanting to use their living room space for their extra guests. What is especially wonderful, in addition to all this line’s versatile options, is that your custom made Comfort Sleeper can be in your home within 6 weeks of purchase. You can also find organic cotton fitted sheet sets for The Comfort Sleeper at Contents Interiors.

Our super sale, starting on March 3rd, provides a $300 off on any size Comfort Sleeper. Come in and test the mattresses and the Comfort Sleeper’s maneuverability for yourself. There is nothing better than the Comfort Sleeper experience! Your guests will thank you and you will likely have to set boundaries on length of guest stays. But that’s a small price to pay when everyone you love is comfortable and happy when they are staying with you!

Now come on Tamara, let’s get out to the Rodeo!

See you soon!


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