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Customer Service at Contents Interiors Is Extraordinary!

This is something that I know for certain after many joyful years of watching, from my various lovely perches, the Contents Interiors team interact with our customers. The team’s passion and goal is to help you to create gorgeous and comfortable spaces in your home. Towards that end, our design team will move mountains- if they can! Knowing that you can browse the showroom and explore Contents Interiors’ amazingly beautiful vignettes without any pressure is also simply divine. However, if you are looking for support in your home decorating efforts, our design team and the Masterplan are here to serve you.

The idea behind the Masterplan design process is to help you plan before you buy, then buy to a plan- in order to avoid costly and stressful mistakes. You can use Contents Interiors’ Masterplan in the way that it best suits you. Whether you are simply buying a piece of furniture in one room of your home or office and need help with a color scheme or a fresh idea for a design, or whether you would like help in interior designing all the rooms of your home, our designers can provide insight and guidance. The Masterplan service is part of our Customer Service when furniture is purchased here, so why not venture into your home decorating with an excellent personal Interior Designer at your side? When you sign onto <em>Contents Interiors’ Masterplan a qualified designer will come to your home to discuss your hopes and dreams for your space. Measurements and photos will be taken and a discussion will take place on the scale and budget for your project. The designer will go through a list of questions to ascertain your likes and dislikes, color and finishes preferences, and they will discuss with you options around any challenges your room might have and your lifestyle preferences. They will also take an inventory of all the furniture and decoration you already have and would like to incorporate into your new design.

After your in-home consultation with one of our delightful designers, the real fun and hard work can begin. The designer will bring all your information and the design concept back to Contents Interiors’ graphic design guru who will create a 2-D, or a 3-D, ¼ inch scale graphic that incorporates the room’s design together with rugs, furniture and accessories. Graphic Artist Sean Thomas has 23 years with Contents Interiors, is extremely detail orientated, and his computer generated plans for a room’s design are simply superb. These plans will give you an amazing visual of what your room will look like. Once the designer gets your go ahead, you are on the way to your new room design.

How about that for Customer Service?

And Contents Interiors’ exemplary customer service does not end once the Masterplan design is complete. Our Warehouse Manager, Robert Henry, is right on it if you need any adjustments, repairs, or replacements. Robert will work with Contents Interior’s suppliers to correct any thing that a Contents customer is concerned with. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, from your first contact with us until your last…and truth be told, once we have worked with you through our Masterplan, we feel like you are a part of our ever growing fabulous Contents Interiors family! So there we go! Home and heart…that’s what it’s about for us.

Enjoy the gorgeous spring weather! And stay tuned to this blog for some very exciting news in the next day or so!



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