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Being a keen observer, I notice that things have really changed in regard to people’s experiences with and perceptions of reclining furniture. Gone are the days when grandpa has a big ugly recliner in the family room that no one dares sit in, and gone are the days when husbands have the only big overstuffed chair in the house, leaving their spouse with a secondary, less-comfy, chair- like the iconic TV characters Archie and Edith Bunker! I guess you can say that people now know better! Comfort is a right of every family member, including pets, dare I say! I hear Contents Interiors’ designer Lourdes Rozean sharing with our customers that recliners, still popular in family and media rooms, are now “in demand” for living rooms as well as dens. Many feel that the time they spend at home in these rooms justifies the investment in the ergonomic relief that recliners offer. I so agree with Lourdes and love watching customers bliss out as they try out our recliners!

Contents Interiors’ designer Julie Riggs states, “Design is about making a home in which people can be comfortable.” She tells our customers that the super relaxing American Leather Comfort Recliner Collection represents ‘top of the line’ design, function and comfort. The recliners come in 8 styles, with back and base options, as well as power and size options. The back and footrest operate independently from one another, allowing for your perfect reclining experience, and giving the product its appropriate name, the Infinity System. In terms of customization, American Leather is a clear winner.

Whether your home décor is Contemporary, Traditional or even Transitional, American Leather’s Comfort Recliners will enchant you. The collection contains recliners that are sleek and ultra modern, with swivel bases, tight backs and straight lines, and also more traditional styles with rounded arms, pillow back, and wooden legs. With a great number of leathers and fabrics to choose from, some made of pet-friendly materials, like Ultrasuede and Krypton, there are endless possibilities in this collection. All recliners have articulating headrests for watching TV, or reading, and the power recliners have USB ports for charging up your technology. How cool is that? With a $300 off Sale coming up, from June 2-27, this may be a good time to come in and start investigating this line of fabulous recliners.

If you come in on May 18-June 6, you will find another recliner company with a special offering too. Palliser reclining furniture is super light and easy to maneuver in the first place, but this offering allows you a power upgrade, at no extra charge, so you can glide into comfort at the touch of a button. Palliser has a sofa with two recliners built into it, which I love! More room in the middle space for the pooch! Having said that, all the chair recliners come in two widths so be sure to explore the wider width so that your favorite pet can join you in comfort. You can’t blame me for being on their side, can you?

Palliser recliners are made with ergonomics in mind, and have layers of luxurious sculpted foam that provides amazing engineered comfort. The company gives a 10-year warranty on their recliners frame and, again, there are lots of options to choose from in this line, so you can glide, rock and swivel all you like!

Our designers’ goal is to help you discover the recliner that suits you and yours best. The only way to accomplish this, says Lourdes, is to invite you to come in and try the recliners out. She adds, “Everyone has a different shape and size and there are just so many options to explore.” Can’t wait to see you!



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