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The Desert Italia Apartment in our showroom is one of my favorite places to hang out, as of late. For one thing, it is the location of many exciting consults by our designers with their clients on ALF Da Fre’s Day Collection, a versatile wall system that allows an inspirational level of compositional freedom. It’s also the location of the joy-invoking Miniforms Caruso Stereo Cabinet, which houses an incredible HI-FI system with Bluetooth 4.0 connection. The iconic Caruso Stereo Cabinet’s award- winning retro look and high performance sound just has to be seen and heard in person. I love the reaction of customers as they discover the multitudes of colors and textures of cabinet and horn they can choose from in creating their own stereo cabinet. If you are a music lover, and love contemporary design, you simply have to come in and experience this masterpiece by Verona-based award winning designer, Paolo Cappello. If you see me tapping my paws next to the Caruso Stereo Cabinet, please don’t mind me…I am in doggy heaven!

Contents Interiors’ Designers Lee Goodrum and Bella Zwicker love it when customers come in with challenges in regard to their wall spaces. ALF Da Fre is a company that has taken wall units to the next level and their modular Day Collection is a joy to share with our customers. Lee explains that the ALF Da Fre’s modular system is great for unusual spaces, and with the ability to select from the collection’s range of units, in different colors and textures, there are endless design solutions for awkward corners and odd spaces. The play of filled and empty space is what makes each wall unit composition a work of art that is supremely functional too. A recent client of Lee’s was astounded that their once dark and vacant corner, with the installation their beautifully designed ALF Da Fre system, now served their living room in terms of function as well, as superlative aesthetics. Lee also points out to our customers that with different textures and units to choose from, there is a wall unit for every budget.

Bella Zwicker recently had clients who had just completed the building of their wonderful desert home, but had a HUGE wall space to contend with. As well as wanting an element of playful contemporary design, they needed an entertainment area that would be functional on many levels. They required a space for their large screen TV, and hidden storage areas for their multimedia cords and equipment. They also desired a place to display their treasures and they also needed a workspace. With her client’s requirements in mind, Bella created an exquisite composition that included two 6-foot bases, with pull out drawers for filing and flip out doors for their multimedia equipment. The additional modular units included cabinets, some closed and some open with hidden lights, for displaying their collectibles. Bella was able to create a composition with a two-tone color scheme that complemented their other décor. The ALF Da Fre Collection provided solutions for every challenge Bella’s clients had. Indeed, with the ability to choose storage units, shelves, back panels, benches, bases and drawers in different dimensions, colors finishes and textures, there is no limit to the Collection’s possibilities and solutions in helping you create your own unique and beautiful wall system. I love the stackable Domino wall unit the design team created at the entrance of our showroom too. ALF Da Fre’s Day Collection and Miniform’s Caruso Stereo Cabinet are perfect examples of the highest standards in Contemporary Design while simultaneously being functional and fun. Come and see for yourself. And don’t forget to say hello to me! You know where I’ll be!



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