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It Happens…But Kravet Can Make It All Better!

There have been a couple of times, I admit it, that I have brought in dirt from the outside and inadvertently mussed up my mom’s sofa. But never does it cross her mind to become upset, thankfully, and that is because our sofa is upholstered with Crypton fabric from Kravet. With a bit of soapy water and a clean cloth, my minuscule offenses are soon forgotten. The fabric is stain and odor resistant and is also liquid repellent. Stains from coffee, wine, crayons, highlighters, makeup, pens and dirt are easily removed. No big fuss. And isn’t that the perfect way to live life? I think so!

Many clients come into Contents Interiors and ask about fabrics for their furniture in ‘high traffic’ areas. Yes, pets and children sometimes factor in these high traffic areas, but so do party guests- and messy husbands I might add! Fortunately, there is no reason for us to give up gorgeous designer fabrics for easy-to-clean durability anymore. Kravet Inc., a family business since 1918, has it all in hand and their representative, Ellen Bosco, works with our designers at Contents Interiors to ensure that our clients’ fabric, wallpaper and drapery design needs are met.

All Kravet fabrics are tested with a Wyzenbeck machine, which measures how many rubs a piece of fabric can take before it tears. This is called “rub count”. Higher rub counts can be found in Kravet’s commercial upholstery, but more and more people are seeking these higher counts for their residences. Designers are even using outdoor fabrics, like those made by Sunbrella, for high traffic areas inside the house. Sunbrella fabric’s softness belies its versatility as indoor/outdoor furniture, it is stain and water repellant- and the added UV protection ensures longevity to the fabric’s colors in sundrenched areas of homes. Of course UV light can be minimized with proper window coverings and Kravet has that design need covered too! Ultrasuede is another fabric offered through Kravet that is perfect for homes with pets and children. It looks and feels incredibly similar to suede, but is remarkably easy to clean and highly durable. Of course nothing is impervious to cat claws, or sharp dog nails. Not all animals are as appreciative as I am to the good things in life, alas.

Ellen Bosco has worked for Kravet for 28 years and tells us it is the company’s dependability, integrity and customer service that makes her feel that the company’s reputation, as a global leader in the interior design industry, is much deserved. We, at Contents Interiors, couldn’t agree with her more. There are over 45,000 fabulous fabrics created by accomplished designers to choose from- whether you are covering a sofa, a wall, creating draperies or purchasing a carpet. Here in Arizona, we love our outdoor/indoor lifestyle and we desire our living spaces to reflect this, as well as to reflect the colors and textures of the gorgeous desert we live in. Ellen does notice that clients in our region of the world often seek, amongst the company’s range of fabrics, colors of the desert – the earth tones, grays, creams and browns. Clients in Tucson frequently seek brighter shades in reds, oranges and blues. She adds that Kravet’s Museum of New Mexico Collection is especially inspirational to those who desire to incorporate modern interpretations of traditional multicultural colors, patterns and textures into their living spaces.

With Kravet’s inclusion of longwearing, soft-to-touch fabrics, from Sunbrella, Ultrasuede, and Crypton, Kravet has our unapologetic outdoor/indoor Southwest lifestyle needs covered. Ellen points out that the company also has a new online tool, called Kravet Match. Upload a photo of a favorite fabric, carpet or wall covering and the database of designer fabrics will find the company’s closest match. How much more fun can a company make shopping for fabric? Have a look at Kravet’s website and media yourself!

See you soon!


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