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Lighting The Night at Contents Interiors

The thing I love most about human beings is their compassion and ability to navigate very difficult times. I know there is lots of suffering out there. It seems to be a part of the human experience. Still, despite the sadness that I sense from my human companions at times, I get very hopeful when I see the human spirit rise and make the most out of challenges. This is happening right now at Contents Interiors as the team gears up to assist the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with their ‘Light the Night’ walk in October. To this end, the Contents Interiors’ team is organizing a pre-walk Raffle and Fundraising Party on September 28th from 4:30-7pm. The raffle is supported by Contents Interiors’ many generous vendors and artists through the donation of special pieces of art and décor, each worth from $100-$1000! The generosity of our vendors and artists is not surprising, as Carol and Tamara have assembled a terrific group of suppliers of magnificent products and art over the years. The Fund Raising Party will be typical of the great folks here too! There will be plenty of lovely wine and delicious nibbles to enjoy. The team invites you to join them to support this worthy cause on September 28th. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase by mid September.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is close to Contents Interiors’ heart, especially to Julie Lopez, designer here for 30 years, whose husband of also 30 years, Danilo, was named the Society’s 2017 Memorial Hero for Tucson. Julie is no stranger to fundraising and charity work having served both the Heart Association and the Angel Charity in the last 20 years. But she never thought she would be raising funds for something so very personal to her own life. Sadly, Danilo died from Lymphoma in July 2015, after a brave 10-month battle. Julie vividly remembers the moment she was informed by Danilo’s doctor that Danilo only had six months to live. Danilo was the kind of friend that would give the shirt off his back, if someone needed it. Everyone loved him and Julie was devastated by the news. But she says that Danilo was always positive and never complained even after his first round of chemo led to his second and third rounds. She says, “Through it all, my husband stayed strong. But the cancer was even stronger.” Julie and their son, Paul, as well as folks at Contents Interiors and the Lopez family, are now very committed to helping raise funds for the Society, hoping that these type of fundraising efforts will eventually lead the Society to a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma.

Please come and enjoy light, life and cheer with the team on the 28th of September and try your luck at winning a fantastic prize all for a tremendous cause! We look forward to seeing you here and if you wish to walk yourself, or sponsor Danilo’s Dream Team, on the Light the Night walk on October 21, you can find more information about it at:

Sending Light and Love,


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