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Shedding Light On Mood, Atmosphere, and Exquisite Beauty!

I feel like the luckiest dog in the world. Every day is a new day of creative exploration of all things beautiful here at Contents Interiors! Today I have been watching my dearest friend, designer Sara Smith, as she passionately shares with customers her knowledge of Pendant Lighting. It seems these gorgeous “hanging” lights are making a big come back and are being used in many more ways than they were in the past. For instance, no kitchen island would have been without them a few years ago. True today as well, as pendant lighting brightens up areas of our homes, identifying spaces as natural gathering places. The little bistro table in a kitchen could use a pretty pendant light to set the tone of conviviality, as could a collection of pendant lights in a bar area. Use of pendant lighting, rich in color and textures, can add feelings of warm hospitality, can lift moods, and can simply create pleasant atmosphere for your family and your guests to enjoy.

Beyond the usual gathering hubs like kitchens, bars and dining tables, Sara shows our customers a clever use of pendant lighting in the bedroom of our showroom’s Desert Italia Apartment. Gone are the bulky lights that use up all the space on a bedside table, and “in” are sleek hanging pendants that offer practical illumination, while at the same time offer opportunity to bring clean contemporary design into your room of rest. Bathrooms are also seeing a movement from wall-hung lights to more glamorous Pendant Lighting. The effect can be quite beautiful and the choices in pendant light designs are endless too, so you can match your own style and taste.

The popular resurgence in Pendant Lighting started in Europe as new, super energy efficient, and much cooler, LED lights became more prevalent. These bulbs are now available all over the world in softer lights and some, called Smart LED Bulbs, can be controlled via WIFI, smart phone or Alexa type systems. The cooler nature of these bulbs has allowed Pendant Lighting of all kinds of designs to take off into the stratosphere. You can also ask for incandescent bulbs in many of the pendant lighting designs. We love having so many clever options to beautify and make your homes more comfortable at Contents Interiors!

And here’s the fun bit…Pendant Lighting as objects of art! This can be a simple add to your décor, but the sky is also the limit on all the creative possibilities. What a fantastic way to add color and perk up a nook, a dark but otherwise interesting corner, or even a staircase area. If you are looking for a special collection of pendant lights for over a dining table, or even over a sofa area that needs a little extra light, Contents Interiors has access to many name brand suppliers of Pendant Lighting. Our designers also have access to some amazing artisans who can create exquisite one-of-a-kind pendants, so that you can shine original and perfect light on your exquisitely beautiful family and friends!

Have a lovely June. Hope to see you soon!



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