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Sitting Pretty at High Point Market!

My mom, Tamara, now knows just how I feel when I am cozying into one of her and Carol’s treasures in the Contents Interiors Show Room! I’m delighted! High Point Market was a great success and, from the looks of this photo, great fun too!

High Point Market is the largest furnishing trade show in the world with180 buildings and 11.5 million feet of show room space. Last week, Carol and Tamara were two of more than 75,000 attendees that explored the products of more than 2000 home furnishing exhibitors. Carol and Tamara went to High Point with some specific aims. First, they were overjoyed to delve back into the world of Italian furnishings in order to replenish our Desert Italia Apartment, a collection that has been lovingly embraced by many of our customers. Secondly, and in response to a number of customer requests, they were on the look out for interesting furniture collections in lighter wood finishes. Thirdly, they were eager to see the new offerings by furniture designer Tom Bina, whose beautiful furniture they call, “Organic Contemporary.” With their unique expertise in sourcing the most beautiful furnishings for Contents Interiors’ customers, Carol and Tamara have come back with some amazing finds to share with you.

Sparkly with tiny natural geodes, ‘Glam Trav’ table has an incredible story at its very core. The beautiful stone, from which this Contemporary brownish-grey table is made, comes from a quarry in Italy that was forever dominated by an owner who kept the prices of this rare stone beyond the reach of most. Now, with a new owner, this incredibly beautiful stone is available and being used for fairly priced, absolutely stunning dining and cocktail tables. Contents Interiors’ Desert Italia vignette will be replenished with these beauties. Also coming to the apartment vignette is a new contemporary sectional from Gamma Leather called the Bellevue. This company’s attention to detail and craftsmanship is superlative and the sofas are so very comfy as well as stylish. These sectionals should be in the showroom in about a month. Also arriving, a lovely contemporary Devina Nais dining table and buffet set, and a Cristal Ceramic table with a new matt finish that has the appearance of emperador marble, but is actually made of an indestructible ceramic that you can iron on-if you wanted to iron on such a beautiful object! This table is expandable, with two leafs, from 62 to 92 inches. Two-tone chairs, that match the neutral coloring of the table, were purchased and are also absolutely gorgeous. Carol and Tamara cannot wait to get these items into the Desert Italia Collection presto!

From a favorite furniture designer, Tom Bina, Carol and Tamara were pleased to purchase an Organic Contemporary rustic wood table with unique metal legs that look like antiqued gold, and a rustic round wood table with leather chairs, which are very, very, cool. Also, responding to our customers’ requests, they nabbed an entire collection of furniture that spans dining room to living and bedrooms, all in lighter shades of wood, with possibilities to mix and match wood finishes and metal bases. The bedroom nightstands are super functional, as well as being simply beautiful, with built in electoral outlets and phone jacks. The collection should reach our showroom by late summer. Watch this space for news of its arrival!

We are so glad to have Tamara and Carol back, refreshed and inspired by their treasure hunting at High Point Market. In terms of color trends, they noticed that neutrals are still going strong with splashes of blue, and many shades of green as an emerging favorite with designers. They were so very glad to see the furnishings market, and the designers represented there, absolutely thriving! Come in and see what’s new and exciting in the coming months!

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