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Things are simply buzzing here at Contents Interiors! It seems that cooler weather brings out the cocooning side of human beings and they begin to create cozy spots for family and friends to gather in their homes. I just love watching as the team works with customers on their exciting design projects. This week, I’m also glad to have my mom, Tamara, and Carol back from their trip to High Point Market in NC. High Point is the largest furnishings industry tradeshow in the U.S. and one that Tamara and Carol enjoy thoroughly. Not only do they catch up on all the latest trends and explore acres of the most fabulous furniture in the world, but they also stay with their long time friends Dave, Amy and Olivia when they are in North Carolina. That combination of fun is enough to make Tamara swivel with joy!

It seems that times for designers are good again. Tamara and Carol noticed an upswing in design and style, almost as if our economically good times have brought in an element of risk taking by designers. This brought the two of them a feeling of refreshment and delight as they explored the marketplace. They noticed a few other trends that are worth noting. Mid-Century Modern is still huge. Clean, elegant lines and legs on everything-sofas, chairs and cabinets! They found a great mixed wood and metal bar table with upholstered stools that fits behind a low sofa- a most unusual and totally modern solution to the problem of needing extra places to eat in front of the TV, such is the case when watching movies, or during big games and family gatherings. Awesome!

Colors are interesting this season too! Tamara and Carol observed the blues and coppery tones that they relished during the Milan Market, but there was something new that they hadn’t seen for a long time! It was a take on the coppery salmon tones seen in Milan, but it was more like the ‘blush’ of yester year- the nostalgic color being more like petal or soft pink. Just watch the fashion cat walks too and you will see the color’s impact within the broader world of design. This hue has been dubbed “Millennial Pink” and it is in demand and, apparently, not going away! If you want to bring a little of this millennial vibration into your own realm, do check out the rose gold frame on this finely made chair that the ladies found from a new company, One For Victory, started by some very old and dear friends of Contents Interiors. Tamara and Carol are looking forward to obtaining more high quality handcrafted pieces from their collection.

Also, on the subject of color, the new fabric colors from American Leather were ordered at market and will arrive soon in our showroom. Tamara and Carol also brought back some super colorful felt pillows and a fabulous felt tapestry. More reasons to swivel with joy!

Pendant Lighting at High Point Market was a feast for the eyes, as was the breathtaking collection of inlayed stone coffee tables, cabinets and buffets by a favorite company, Stone. Carol and Tamara loved that they have added some interesting fabric choices to their chair collection with patterns that compliment the exotic feeling of their new collection. A fabulous leather Swivel chair from stylish Italian company Gamma was added to Contents Interiors’ inventory. Carol informed me that I mustn’t jump onto it, but Tamara found a way to make my dream of enjoying its stupendous comfort come true…. tee hee! Come in and try it out for yourself!

All My Love!


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