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November 1, 2017 Furniture Market Report, New and Now, What's going on?, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on SWIVELICIOUS FUN AT CONTENTS INTERIORS!

Things are simply buzzing here at Contents Interiors! It seems that cooler weather brings out the cocooning side of human beings and they begin to create cozy spots for family and friends to gather in their homes. I just love watching as the team works with customers on their exciting design projects. This week, I’m also glad to have my mom, Tamara, and Carol back from their trip to High Point Market in NC. High Point is the largest furnishings industry tradeshow in the U.S. and one that Tamara and Carol enjoy thoroughly. Not only do they catch up on all the latest trends and explore acres of the most fabulous furniture in the world, but they also stay with their long time friends Dave, Amy and Olivia when they are in North Carolina. That combination of fun is enough to make Tamara swivel with joy!

It seems that times for designers are good again. Tamara and Carol noticed an upswing in design and style, almost as if our economically good times have brought in an element of risk taking by designers. This brought the two of them a feeling of refreshment and delight as they explored the marketplace. They noticed a few other trends that are worth noting. Mid-Century Modern is still huge. Clean, elegant lines and legs on everything-sofas, chairs and cabinets! They found a great mixed wood and metal bar table with upholstered stools that fits behind a low sofa- a most unusual and totally modern solution to the problem of needing extra places to eat in front of the TV, such is the case when watching movies, or during big games and family gatherings. Awesome!

Colors are interesting this season too! Tamara and Carol observed the blues and coppery tones that they relished during the Milan Market, but there was something new that they hadn’t seen for a long time! It was a take on the coppery salmon tones seen in Milan, but it was more like the ‘blush’ of yester year- the nostalgic color being more like petal or soft pink. Just watch the fashion cat walks too and you will see the color’s impact within the broader world of design. This hue has been dubbed “Millennial Pink” and it is in demand and, apparently, not going away! If you want to bring a little of this millennial vibration into your own realm, do check out the rose gold frame on this finely made chair that the ladies found from a new company, One For Victory, started by some very old and dear friends of Contents Interiors. Tamara and Carol are looking forward to obtaining more high quality handcrafted pieces from their collection.

Also, on the subject of color, the new fabric colors from American Leather were ordered at market and will arrive soon in our showroom. Tamara and Carol also brought back some super colorful felt pillows and a fabulous felt tapestry. More reasons to swivel with joy!

Pendant Lighting at High Point Market was a feast for the eyes, as was the breathtaking collection of inlayed stone coffee tables, cabinets and buffets by a favorite company, Stone. Carol and Tamara loved that they have added some interesting fabric choices to their chair collection with patterns that compliment the exotic feeling of their new collection. A fabulous leather Swivel chair from stylish Italian company Gamma was added to Contents Interiors’ inventory. Carol informed me that I mustn’t jump onto it, but Tamara found a way to make my dream of enjoying its stupendous comfort come true…. tee hee! Come in and try it out for yourself!

All My Love!




Oh, finally! Autumn has arrived! We are seeing cooler temperatures (at night at least!), giving us plenty of opportunity for the splendid outdoor life- that Tucsonans love-and reminding us of the festive gathering season ahead in November and December. Nothing makes me happier than to listen to great conversation and the fun underway around our family’s dinner table. I just love a beautifully set table and a dining room full of family and friends. And I know I am lucky to be allowed such proximity to my human companions. What can I say? I’m a special dog, perhaps?!

I’ve discovered that this is also the season that many people begin to look at their homes critically, to see how they can make improvements, in terms of comfort and beauty, in anticipation of the multitudes of warm gatherings ahead. Contents Interiors can help our customers plan ahead and has a great number of gorgeous dining tables in stock and ready to go, as well as ones that can be ordered now for delivery before mid-December.

When you walk into our showroom, if you love glamorous tables like I do, you will not be able to walk by the impressive “Glam Trav” table in our Desert Italia apartment without a good long look. This table, by Italian manufacturer Stone, is a showstopper and will likely, very soon, find its place in one of Tucson’s most elegant homes. Exploring Stone’s collection of table surfaces, in the form of samples of marble, onyx, wood and travertine, is an awe-inspiring experience itself. Make an appointment with us to look and discuss options, or just come in and have a peek of these gem-like samples. At the same time, you can peruse the array of Stone’s table bases in metal, stone and wood.

Fortunately, there are many tables in stock in our showroom and in our warehouse. One recent arrival is a table called “Diablo”, from the Modern Mountain Collection by the in demand furniture maker Jason Scott. Known for his exotic heirloom pieces of furniture, The Jason Scott Collection, made from reclaimed teak by craftsmen in Java, Jason has created his Modern Mountain Collection as a reflection of inspiration he has found living here in Arizona. The live edge of this table and natural grain of the teak wood give this table incredible earthy sensuality. The table seems to embody the essence of Javanese romance, with a distinctly Organic Contemporary look. It is 98-inches long and could easily and comfortably fit 3 chairs on each side, or 4 smaller chairs for your larger gatherings. Jason Scott’s designs are one of a kind and, as mentioned, are in high demand, so when this one goes it may be some time before we acquire another similar dining room table. Please come in soon to look at this one!

Two more tables, both Contemporary, are also very exciting to contemplate. The Crystalceramica table by Italian company Midj is a super sleek looking table that has an unique surface, made from a technical process that reduces wear and tear and gives it high resistance to stress, strains, abrasions, and even frost and fire. You can eat or do projects on it with your most energetic children or grandchildren with no worries whatsoever. You can even iron on this table-and chop your veggies-if you feel like it! Now that’s thinking smart! Thanks Midj! The other contemporary table you might like to sneak a peek at is the 84-inch reclaimed Peroba wood table. It has an antique brass clad pedestal, giving it an Organic Contemporary feel and ample space for 6-8 people.

There are numerous round tables in stock too. The Rosa Morada 66-inch has studs around its edge, giving it a western look. And the 72-inch Mesquite table is both beautiful and indigenous to our area. Super nice! The Loren 46-inch bistro table is made of rustic wood and can be paired with the super comfortable and very cool leather and metal chairs that we have displayed around it.

There are so many more dining table options to make your upcoming festive season both comfortable and perfectly beautiful! So please do come in and have a good browse around soon! I look forward to seeing you! And just one other special tidbit! Our pre-walk Raffle and Fundraising Party on September 28th in preparation for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society‘s ‘Light the Night’ walk on October 21st, was a wonderful way to acknowledge the life and good works of our friend Danilo Lopez, husband of Contents Interiors Designer Julia Lopez, who, sadly, lost his life to Lymphoma. It seems we are all touched by the lives of those whose experience the challenge of cancer. Some from the team at Contents Interiors will be walking at 5pm on October 21st, at Park Place, to help raise funds for the Society’s research toward a cure. Please do join them at the walk, if you can, or, if you feel the urge to help, please sponsor them via the Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Society’s website.

Many warm thoughts to you and your family,


Lighting The Night at Contents Interiors

September 7, 2017 New and Now, What's going on?, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on Lighting The Night at Contents Interiors

The thing I love most about human beings is their compassion and ability to navigate very difficult times. I know there is lots of suffering out there. It seems to be a part of the human experience. Still, despite the sadness that I sense from my human companions at times, I get very hopeful when I see the human spirit rise and make the most out of challenges. This is happening right now at Contents Interiors as the team gears up to assist the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with their ‘Light the Night’ walk in October. To this end, the Contents Interiors’ team is organizing a pre-walk Raffle and Fundraising Party on September 28th from 4:30-7pm. The raffle is supported by Contents Interiors’ many generous vendors and artists through the donation of special pieces of art and décor, each worth from $100-$1000! The generosity of our vendors and artists is not surprising, as Carol and Tamara have assembled a terrific group of suppliers of magnificent products and art over the years. The Fund Raising Party will be typical of the great folks here too! There will be plenty of lovely wine and delicious nibbles to enjoy. The team invites you to join them to support this worthy cause on September 28th. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase by mid September.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is close to Contents Interiors’ heart, especially to Julie Lopez, designer here for 30 years, whose husband of also 30 years, Danilo, was named the Society’s 2017 Memorial Hero for Tucson. Julie is no stranger to fundraising and charity work having served both the Heart Association and the Angel Charity in the last 20 years. But she never thought she would be raising funds for something so very personal to her own life. Sadly, Danilo died from Lymphoma in July 2015, after a brave 10-month battle. Julie vividly remembers the moment she was informed by Danilo’s doctor that Danilo only had six months to live. Danilo was the kind of friend that would give the shirt off his back, if someone needed it. Everyone loved him and Julie was devastated by the news. But she says that Danilo was always positive and never complained even after his first round of chemo led to his second and third rounds. She says, “Through it all, my husband stayed strong. But the cancer was even stronger.” Julie and their son, Paul, as well as folks at Contents Interiors and the Lopez family, are now very committed to helping raise funds for the Society, hoping that these type of fundraising efforts will eventually lead the Society to a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma.

Please come and enjoy light, life and cheer with the team on the 28th of September and try your luck at winning a fantastic prize all for a tremendous cause! We look forward to seeing you here and if you wish to walk yourself, or sponsor Danilo’s Dream Team, on the Light the Night walk on October 21, you can find more information about it at:

Sending Light and Love,


Combining Plush Comfort and Gorgeous Design at Contents Interiors!

August 23, 2017 Design Tips, New and Now, What's going on?, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on Combining Plush Comfort and Gorgeous Design at Contents Interiors!

Some of you who have visited the showroom have probably noticed that I am not always resting on Contents Interiors’ amazingly comfortable sofas and recliners. In fact, about 50% of my snoozes are taken in the little nooks and crannies of the showroom, lying upon some of the most luxurious rug and carpet samples in the world! The subject of rugs is a rather joyful one amongst our Interior Designers, especially my incredibly talented mom, Tamara Scott-Anderson, who designs original rugs for our clients. Her stunning rug design work can be viewed in the Desert Italia section of our showroom and she is presently working to create an elliptical oval rug for a client whose living room needed a very specifically shaped area rug. It is especially beautiful, so please be sure to ask about that particular design. Tamara says that California based company, Creative Accents, is a wonderful company to work with. Tamara sends her design sketches to the company and they provide Contents Interiors with a sample portion of the rug design for the client to examine before going forward with the final production of the area rug. There couldn’t be an easier way to get the perfect rug-one that pulls together your room’s patterns, and overall design and color scheme.

Tamara tells our clients that rug and carpet options available at Contents Interiors are surprising cost effective too. Rather than buying a generic carpet or rug from a carpet store, it can be a better value financially and more meaningful, in terms of design, to create something that fits your specific room and color requirements. Creative Accents gives our clients hundreds of options in color and absolutely limitless options in terms of blends of colors. If there is a particular color you are trying to match for your room’s rug design, please do come in and explore our fun collection of super soft poms, richly colored bunches of high quality wool or nylon. If you need a special size or an original design, Tamara is here to help. Rug samples, like the ones I snooze on, are available too, so you can examine the gorgeous pile of this company’s product. If you are like me, you know there is nothing more comfortable than deep plush pile!

Area rugs have many uses from the very utilitarian purposes of cushioning tender feet from hard floors and resolving acoustical problems in large spaces to loftier purposes such as enhancing a room’s aesthetics. Tamara suggests that if you own a very special rug already, inspiration for the rest of the room’s design can be taken from that rug’s design and colors. Our design team here can help you create a perfect space with an originally designed area rug, but they can also offer you wonderful options in wall to wall carpet. Presently, a client of Contents Interiors is having some wonderful tartan inspired wall to wall carpet installed in their gorgeous cabin in the mountains. Think of the romance of Scottish Highlands plaids, with rich colors reflecting steely blue lochs, earth toned mountains and deep green hills. This collection is absolutely perfect for traditional living rooms, cozy romantic bedrooms, or for rustic mountain hideaways. Additionally, this wall to wall carpet comes in extra-large widths for larger spaces.

Whatever your rug or carpet needs are, pop in and chat with a member of our design team. You know where to find me when you come in and can’t find me on a sofa! I hope to see you soon!




July 12, 2017 New and Now, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on BEATING THE HEAT AT CONTENTS INTERIORS…

There are still a few things I do not understand about human beings, but I am trying- so please bear with me! For instance, when I am feeling the summer heat I just stay inside the showroom and take a little nap on a cool comfy recliner. It seems natural to me to stay out of the elements, especially during the scorching midday hours! However, I do notice human beings are busier than ever in the summer time. Fortunately, members of our design team, here in the beautifully air conditioned show room at Contents Interiors, are happy to do what they can to help customers with their homes’ super-heated trouble spots. Indeed, keeping homes cool, and preventing furnishings from degrading from excessive sun, through the installation of window treatments, are among the many challenges that our design team can help you with.

Heat control is a common reason customers come in looking for window treatments at this time of the year, especially for windows that are south facing. Contents Interiors works in creative partnership with BDD Inc., a family run wholesale business in Tucson that has served the community’s window treatment needs for 60 years. BDD Inc. has great knowledge of, and relationships with, a great number of esteemed companies that supply window treatments-from blinds to drapery. This partnership enables us to obtain the broadest range of window treatments at the best prices for our customers.

Cellular Shades, also known as Honeycomb Shades, are popular in the Desert Southwest because of their ability to provide added insulation. The design of the shade creates an added barrier that prevents heat and light penetrating into your room from the outside. A Screen Roller Shade provides a very good solution for those who wish to keep their view intact while simultaneously cutting heat and glare. These vinyl coated fiberglass mesh screens have varying degrees of opacity and come in many designs and colors, to suit your home’s specific needs.

MOTORIZED SHADES with rechargeable batteries are absolutely fabulous, in that you never have to change batteries and they can also be operated via a smart phone or a timer, giving you the ability to make your home look ‘lived in’ when you are away. If you have windows in tricky-to-reach places, like in a bathroom with a large garden tub or high up on a large living room wall, you can, with a press of a button, make the shades go up or down. The investment is worth it, when you consider that cords are a tragic cause of injury to pets and children and awkward placement of windows can tempt people to tread where they should not. For this reason, I am so happy that motorized “smart” shades have become incredibly popular recently. Carol Bell, our wonderful President, co-owner and buyer at Contents Interiors, has them in her own home and says she has not had to re-charge the batteries yet! Talk about convenience!

My “mom”, designer and co-owner Tamara Scott-Anderson, has been working with window treatments since the very beginning of her career in design. She tells customers that blinds or shades can look a little stark on their own and adding panels of drapery and a valance can soften the look of your room, as well as help with light leakage (for those who need blackout to sleep) and acoustical problems. She is delighted to show our clients new drapery designs that are free of pinch pleats and offer a sleek elegant look and a more contemporary feel. Ambiance Sheers, by Kirsch, create a lovely effect of elegant drapes in a room like a bedroom where privacy might be a factor. These are soft vertical blinds that marry the function and versatility of vertical blinds with traversing sheer drapery.

In sunny and hot Italy, outside shutters are used to block out the elements and you can see an interpretation of this look in our Desert Italia Apartment. Truly gorgeous! You can also see an example of Vision Designer Shades, affordable and elegant roller shades in the showroom. There are so many options and possibilities in your efforts to keep your home cool and the Contents Interiors team wants to be of service.

I may not understand why human beings do not stop to rest more during these hot summer months, but I am so happy to hang out in a place where the goal is to help busy folks live more comfortably. Come and see us and talk to the team about making your home more comfortable with motorized blinds and/or window treatments, but please don’t be upset if I don’t get up to greet you. I’ll likely be taking my extended siesta!

Stay cool,