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Customer Service at Contents Interiors Is Extraordinary!

April 5, 2017 Design Tips, New and Now, What's going on?, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on Customer Service at Contents Interiors Is Extraordinary!

This is something that I know for certain after many joyful years of watching, from my various lovely perches, the Contents Interiors team interact with our customers. The team’s passion and goal is to help you to create gorgeous and comfortable spaces in your home. Towards that end, our design team will move mountains- if they can! Knowing that you can browse the showroom and explore Contents Interiors’ amazingly beautiful vignettes without any pressure is also simply divine. However, if you are looking for support in your home decorating efforts, our design team and the Masterplan are here to serve you.

The idea behind the Masterplan design process is to help you plan before you buy, then buy to a plan- in order to avoid costly and stressful mistakes. You can use Contents Interiors’ Masterplan in the way that it best suits you. Whether you are simply buying a piece of furniture in one room of your home or office and need help with a color scheme or a fresh idea for a design, or whether you would like help in interior designing all the rooms of your home, our designers can provide insight and guidance. The Masterplan service is part of our Customer Service when furniture is purchased here, so why not venture into your home decorating with an excellent personal Interior Designer at your side? When you sign onto <em>Contents Interiors’ Masterplan a qualified designer will come to your home to discuss your hopes and dreams for your space. Measurements and photos will be taken and a discussion will take place on the scale and budget for your project. The designer will go through a list of questions to ascertain your likes and dislikes, color and finishes preferences, and they will discuss with you options around any challenges your room might have and your lifestyle preferences. They will also take an inventory of all the furniture and decoration you already have and would like to incorporate into your new design.

After your in-home consultation with one of our delightful designers, the real fun and hard work can begin. The designer will bring all your information and the design concept back to Contents Interiors’ graphic design guru who will create a 2-D, or a 3-D, ¼ inch scale graphic that incorporates the room’s design together with rugs, furniture and accessories. Graphic Artist Sean Thomas has 23 years with Contents Interiors, is extremely detail orientated, and his computer generated plans for a room’s design are simply superb. These plans will give you an amazing visual of what your room will look like. Once the designer gets your go ahead, you are on the way to your new room design.

How about that for Customer Service?

And Contents Interiors’ exemplary customer service does not end once the Masterplan design is complete. Our Warehouse Manager, Robert Henry, is right on it if you need any adjustments, repairs, or replacements. Robert will work with Contents Interior’s suppliers to correct any thing that a Contents customer is concerned with. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, from your first contact with us until your last…and truth be told, once we have worked with you through our Masterplan, we feel like you are a part of our ever growing fabulous Contents Interiors family! So there we go! Home and heart…that’s what it’s about for us.

Enjoy the gorgeous spring weather! And stay tuned to this blog for some very exciting news in the next day or so!



It Happens…But Kravet Can Make It All Better!

March 14, 2017 Design Tips, New and Now, What's going on?, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on It Happens…But Kravet Can Make It All Better!

There have been a couple of times, I admit it, that I have brought in dirt from the outside and inadvertently mussed up my mom’s sofa. But never does it cross her mind to become upset, thankfully, and that is because our sofa is upholstered with Crypton fabric from Kravet. With a bit of soapy water and a clean cloth, my minuscule offenses are soon forgotten. The fabric is stain and odor resistant and is also liquid repellent. Stains from coffee, wine, crayons, highlighters, makeup, pens and dirt are easily removed. No big fuss. And isn’t that the perfect way to live life? I think so!

Many clients come into Contents Interiors and ask about fabrics for their furniture in ‘high traffic’ areas. Yes, pets and children sometimes factor in these high traffic areas, but so do party guests- and messy husbands I might add! Fortunately, there is no reason for us to give up gorgeous designer fabrics for easy-to-clean durability anymore. Kravet Inc., a family business since 1918, has it all in hand and their representative, Ellen Bosco, works with our designers at Contents Interiors to ensure that our clients’ fabric, wallpaper and drapery design needs are met.

All Kravet fabrics are tested with a Wyzenbeck machine, which measures how many rubs a piece of fabric can take before it tears. This is called “rub count”. Higher rub counts can be found in Kravet’s commercial upholstery, but more and more people are seeking these higher counts for their residences. Designers are even using outdoor fabrics, like those made by Sunbrella, for high traffic areas inside the house. Sunbrella fabric’s softness belies its versatility as indoor/outdoor furniture, it is stain and water repellant- and the added UV protection ensures longevity to the fabric’s colors in sundrenched areas of homes. Of course UV light can be minimized with proper window coverings and Kravet has that design need covered too! Ultrasuede is another fabric offered through Kravet that is perfect for homes with pets and children. It looks and feels incredibly similar to suede, but is remarkably easy to clean and highly durable. Of course nothing is impervious to cat claws, or sharp dog nails. Not all animals are as appreciative as I am to the good things in life, alas.

Ellen Bosco has worked for Kravet for 28 years and tells us it is the company’s dependability, integrity and customer service that makes her feel that the company’s reputation, as a global leader in the interior design industry, is much deserved. We, at Contents Interiors, couldn’t agree with her more. There are over 45,000 fabulous fabrics created by accomplished designers to choose from- whether you are covering a sofa, a wall, creating draperies or purchasing a carpet. Here in Arizona, we love our outdoor/indoor lifestyle and we desire our living spaces to reflect this, as well as to reflect the colors and textures of the gorgeous desert we live in. Ellen does notice that clients in our region of the world often seek, amongst the company’s range of fabrics, colors of the desert – the earth tones, grays, creams and browns. Clients in Tucson frequently seek brighter shades in reds, oranges and blues. She adds that Kravet’s Museum of New Mexico Collection is especially inspirational to those who desire to incorporate modern interpretations of traditional multicultural colors, patterns and textures into their living spaces.

With Kravet’s inclusion of longwearing, soft-to-touch fabrics, from Sunbrella, Ultrasuede, and Crypton, Kravet has our unapologetic outdoor/indoor Southwest lifestyle needs covered. Ellen points out that the company also has a new online tool, called Kravet Match. Upload a photo of a favorite fabric, carpet or wall covering and the database of designer fabrics will find the company’s closest match. How much more fun can a company make shopping for fabric? Have a look at Kravet’s website and media yourself!

See you soon!



February 24, 2017 New and Now, What's going on?, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on THIS COWBOY’S DREAM: A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP FOR YOUR GUESTS!

At this time of year I am always excited about two special events! Nothing inspires my inner Cowboy more than the Tucson Rodeo! When the Tucson Rodeo is on, I tend to hang out in our Cowboy inspired showroom vignettes, hoping my mom, Tamara, gets the hint-I need my yearly rodeo fix! The other event that inspires me is the Contents Interiors’ American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sale, which starts on March 3rd.

The Comfort Sleeper is a sofa bed, but it is in a league of its own! Our customers often seek The Comfort Sleeper as the result of their experience of sleeping on a friend’s pokey springy sofa bed and not being able to wait to get home to their own bed, so that they could actually sleep without injury! They tell us that they don’t want the same for their own guests and have done their research- The Comfort Sleeper comes out tops. In creating The Comfort Sleeper, American Leather wanted to turn the concept of the ugly, cumbersome, saggy sofa bed on its head and create the most stylish, easy to maneuver and most comfy sofa bed on the face of this planet. There is good reason why companies like Disney and Marriott use these sleeper sofas in their luxury suites. These sleepers are top of the line and provide the best night of sleep- because of a unique sleeper design that involves no pain invoking bars or springs!

Modern engineering has also enabled American Leather to create a patented mechanism, which enables you to open and close it almost effortlessly. That, in and of itself, is enough to make me leap for joy. Nothing makes me happier than companies that care for the customer’s wellbeing. This sofa bed is a top seller in NYC, where customers are delighted by the fact that its engineering allows the sleeper to easily come apart in sections in order to fit through the narrowest of doorways and hallways. But here in Tucson, where we have lots of room, we may rather like to focus on the fact that this sleeper has the largest sleeping length of any other sleeper- at 80 inches long! The mattress comes in 3 levels of comfort, from the world renowned Tempur-Pedic, to a Gel Mattress that provides coolness as well as even support, to the line’s standard Premier mattress, which provides a firm support wrapped in luxurious softness.

The Comfort Sleeper comes in sizes from King to cot, and can be purchased as a single sofa, chair or even as a stylish sectional sofa. The sectional sofa has multitudes of configurations and the line comes in hundreds of fabrics and leathers, to meet every possible design need. Some customers desire to maximize their space in a den or study, or to create a dual-purpose room, and decide that a Comfort Sleeper is their perfect solution. American Leather has, in addition to sofas and sectionals, accompanying accent pieces like chairs or recliners from the same collection to offer those wanting to use their living room space for their extra guests. What is especially wonderful, in addition to all this line’s versatile options, is that your custom made Comfort Sleeper can be in your home within 6 weeks of purchase. You can also find organic cotton fitted sheet sets for The Comfort Sleeper at Contents Interiors.

Our super sale, starting on March 3rd, provides a $300 off on any size Comfort Sleeper. Come in and test the mattresses and the Comfort Sleeper’s maneuverability for yourself. There is nothing better than the Comfort Sleeper experience! Your guests will thank you and you will likely have to set boundaries on length of guest stays. But that’s a small price to pay when everyone you love is comfortable and happy when they are staying with you!

Now come on Tamara, let’s get out to the Rodeo!

See you soon!


Cupid Draw Back Your Bow!

February 14, 2017 New and Now, What's going on?, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on Cupid Draw Back Your Bow!

That song is going through my mind and there can be only one reason- Valentine’s Day is upon us! Truth be told, I often play Cupid in the Contents Interiors’ showroom! I love to draw people to their heart’s desire and so often customers arrive and find me lounging sweetly on the object of their desire, usually a super comfy sofa by Lee Industries, but very occasionally I am luxuriating on pillow back Comfort Recliner by American Leather! There is so much sumptuous comfort to be found here at our showroom, and so much of it is American made.

American Leather has an incredible range of leather and upholstery that is made in Dallas Texas, including our best seller, The Comfort Sleeper Sofa. You also have to see American Leather’s very stylish Contemporary Menlo Park, a two-piece sectional sofa, which offers amazing possibilities in reconfigurations. The company’s selection of leathers comes in three different grades of protection, to suit your lifestyle. If you have pets, or children I might add, you might go for the heavy protection! Hickory Manor is another popular traditional North Carolina-based company. The sofas they make are so perfect for Southwest-style homes, with their comfy combination of upholstery and leather. Of course, Contents Interiors also has a steady supply of beautiful Mesquite furniture, all made locally.

‘Made In America’ is a label that we are proud of here at Contents Interiors. It means so much to us that the furniture and design industry here in the USA is thriving, and obtaining local products ensures a low carbon footprint, which is very important to us too. American Leather, Thayer Coggin, Hickory Manor, Copeland, Saloom, and Lee Industries are companies that we absolutely love. The products these companies create are not only of impeccable quality, but they are beautiful and stylish. We are so proud to carry them. Thayer Coggin has been creating high quality handcrafted furniture in North Carolina for over 60 years. Their Milo Baughman Collection is a must see for those interested in iconic mid-century modern design. Thayer Coggin’s Parker Sofa sits in the entry of our showroom near to our Desert Italia section; its sleek design belies its stupendous comfort. Believe me- you know that I know a comfy sofa! This company is also tops for their generous giving back to the design community by providing opportunities to the design students of High Point University. We love them!

The United States presently benefits from the most rigorous standards in the world in terms of environmental sustainability/eco-friendly furniture. We give a big ‘thumbs up’ to companies Copeland, Saloom and Lee Industries. As you may recall, The Sustainable Furnishings Council raises awareness of the sustainability issue, assists companies in adapting good practices and educates consumers about the necessity of good practices by furniture manufacturers. As a Qualifying Member of the Council, Contents Interiors is committed to carrying furnishings that reflect understanding of the Council’s goals. Lee Industries is the first company to receive Gold Exemplary Recognition from the Council and the one and only upholstery manufacturer to hold this top certification, which means that when you purchase Lee Industries furniture you can be sure that your furnishings are created and distributed with the best practices in environmental sustainability intact. This means that low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) finishes, recycled fiber, soy-based foam, natural, organic and flame retardant-fee fabrics are standard and all furniture components have been through a rigorous life-cycle assessment analysis. I am an observer of everything and I notice Carol Bell loves the Lee Industries sofa in our showroom-in fact, I think it’s her favorite sofa in terms of perfect comfort!

Vermont-based Copeland hardwood furniture is clean-lined, contemporary, Shaker-inspired hardwood furniture and is simply gorgeous and enduring. Copeland Furniture was awarded a Silver Exemplary Membership status by the Sustainable Furnishings Council and it takes pride in obtaining its gorgeous hardwood from local, legal and well-managed forests. The varnish used is GREENGUARD certified for low chemical emissions as well. The company does not rest on their laurels and continues to work hard towards reducing their impact on the environment. The lovely Copeland bedroom set in our showroom is solid cherry and the dresser and bedside stands have lovely walnut handles. There will be a 10% off sale on Copeland’s bedroom sets from February 17- March 5th. And isn’t Valentines Week the perfect week to think about upgrading your most intimate space, your bedroom? I think so!

Another bargain on offer at Contents Interiors, right now, is a gorgeous maple Urban Bar Table with 8 Bar Stools, with rust colored upholstery, from the fabulous and creative company called Saloom. Run by Peter and Linda Saloom, in upper Massachusetts, this furniture company ranks high in its dedication to producing “green” furniture and all their gorgeous wood is locally sourced. The quality of Peter Saloom’s work can be seen in our showroom’s Maple table in a gray stain- with its “ooh so comfortable” chairs. Peter brought in chair making equipment from Italy, where they make roomy durable chairs that are also lightweight. What a concept! Come and check these wonderful chairs out yourself. This contemporary dining set comes in your choice of stain and fabric, so the sky is the limit on its versatility.

I am feeling so good right now thinking of all the people I am in love with here at Contents Interiors! They are all my sweethearts! Hope your Valentine’s Week is filled with love too! Come and see us! We’ll show you our passion for ‘Made In America’ Furniture!




January 26, 2017 New and Now, What's going on?, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on HANGING OUT IS FUN AT CONTENTS INTERIORS!

The Desert Italia Apartment in our showroom is one of my favorite places to hang out, as of late. For one thing, it is the location of many exciting consults by our designers with their clients on ALF Da Fre’s Day Collection, a versatile wall system that allows an inspirational level of compositional freedom. It’s also the location of the joy-invoking Miniforms Caruso Stereo Cabinet, which houses an incredible HI-FI system with Bluetooth 4.0 connection. The iconic Caruso Stereo Cabinet’s award- winning retro look and high performance sound just has to be seen and heard in person. I love the reaction of customers as they discover the multitudes of colors and textures of cabinet and horn they can choose from in creating their own stereo cabinet. If you are a music lover, and love contemporary design, you simply have to come in and experience this masterpiece by Verona-based award winning designer, Paolo Cappello. If you see me tapping my paws next to the Caruso Stereo Cabinet, please don’t mind me…I am in doggy heaven!

Contents Interiors’ Designers Lee Goodrum and Bella Zwicker love it when customers come in with challenges in regard to their wall spaces. ALF Da Fre is a company that has taken wall units to the next level and their modular Day Collection is a joy to share with our customers. Lee explains that the ALF Da Fre’s modular system is great for unusual spaces, and with the ability to select from the collection’s range of units, in different colors and textures, there are endless design solutions for awkward corners and odd spaces. The play of filled and empty space is what makes each wall unit composition a work of art that is supremely functional too. A recent client of Lee’s was astounded that their once dark and vacant corner, with the installation their beautifully designed ALF Da Fre system, now served their living room in terms of function as well, as superlative aesthetics. Lee also points out to our customers that with different textures and units to choose from, there is a wall unit for every budget.

Bella Zwicker recently had clients who had just completed the building of their wonderful desert home, but had a HUGE wall space to contend with. As well as wanting an element of playful contemporary design, they needed an entertainment area that would be functional on many levels. They required a space for their large screen TV, and hidden storage areas for their multimedia cords and equipment. They also desired a place to display their treasures and they also needed a workspace. With her client’s requirements in mind, Bella created an exquisite composition that included two 6-foot bases, with pull out drawers for filing and flip out doors for their multimedia equipment. The additional modular units included cabinets, some closed and some open with hidden lights, for displaying their collectibles. Bella was able to create a composition with a two-tone color scheme that complemented their other décor. The ALF Da Fre Collection provided solutions for every challenge Bella’s clients had. Indeed, with the ability to choose storage units, shelves, back panels, benches, bases and drawers in different dimensions, colors finishes and textures, there is no limit to the Collection’s possibilities and solutions in helping you create your own unique and beautiful wall system. I love the stackable Domino wall unit the design team created at the entrance of our showroom too. ALF Da Fre’s Day Collection and Miniform’s Caruso Stereo Cabinet are perfect examples of the highest standards in Contemporary Design while simultaneously being functional and fun. Come and see for yourself. And don’t forget to say hello to me! You know where I’ll be!



‘Tis the Season …

December 14, 2016 New and Now, What's going on?, News, Blog, latest news Comments Off on ‘Tis the Season …

salvador-freewayAs we bustle through this holiday season, we at Contents Interiors have taken time to reflect. What an inspirational year it has been for us- with Carol and Tamara’s exciting travels to the Salone del Mobile Internazionale in Milan and the subsequent design and installation of the magnificent Desert Italia Apartment. But our annual Christmas party and Carol and Tamara’s recent travel to the Contemporary Design Group’s Annual Conference in Tampa have also given us additional opportunity to reflect on what is important to us.

Last weekend, we had great fun dressing up for our staff’s Spaghetti Western-themed Christmas party! ‘The Good, the Bad and the Funny’ was our motto and we enjoyed one another’s company tremendously, whilst dining on delicious filet mignon. One of the things that Tamara and Carol like to do to build up our team is to express gratitude for individual staff members, and this party gave them the opportunity to reflect on the positive qualities of each person on the Contents Interiors’ team. The thing is, we have all been through a lot together and have known one another for a very long time. I love them all! You know I do. We are all so fortunate to have one another. I am in heaven living with my mom, Tamara, and working with all my friends at the stunningly beautiful Contents Interiors showroom. I am such a grateful pooch!

Tamara and Carol’s visit to the Contemporary Design Group’s Conference was a chance to enjoy professional fellowship and partake in information sharing with members of the group from all over the United States. Dialoguing with group members and manufacturers is invaluable and helps us all to learn and grow. Seminars on subjects like digital media, advertising, and system reviews all help members to stay up to speed on advancements and best practices in the realm of contemporary furniture and design. The speed networking sessions were super fun, as was a visit to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, which thoroughly inspired Tamara and Carol. After hearing about Dali and his work, I mused that perhaps he and I would have been friends. I have that same dapper look too, don’t you think?

cdg-conference-web2The conference aided Tamara and Carol in reflecting on the metrics of their business and they love the professional friendships they have developed through this amazing group. They feel inspired for the oncoming year and hope you have some time to regroup and reflect on what is valuable to you this season too. Just a reminder that we have assorted SALES going on until the end of the year and that our showroom is filled with many unique pieces of art, and decorative pieces, that are suitable for gifts. When you visit us, we hope that you, too, will feel a part of our warm and blessed family!

Happy Holidays!